Multiplication of Integers (Practice Quiz)

How to Use the Applet

1.) Use the sliders to adjust the minimum and maximum values of the factors.
2.) Type your answers in the text boxes.
3.) Click on the “Check Answers” command button to check your answer.
4.) Click the “New Set” command button to generate new sets of factors.

Slope and y-intercept

Move sliders m and b below to investigate the graph of y = mx + b.


  1. How does the value of m and b affect the graph of y = mx + b?
  2. .Without using GeoGebra, explain and justify what should be the values of m and b so that the graph passes through
    • Quadrants I, II, and III
    • Quadrants I, II, and IV
    • Quadrants I and III only
    • Quadrants III and IV only
  3. Explain and justify why
    • m > 0 when the graph slants to the right.
    • m < 0 when the graph slants to the left.
    • m = 0 when the graph is horizontal.