GeoGebra Tutorial: Exporting GeoGebra Worksheet to HTML 5

GeoGebra worksheets cannot run on devices that do not support Java. Examples of such devices are Apple’s iPads. To address this limitation, GeoGebra has created an export feature to HTML5. In this tutorial, we learn how to export a GeoGebra worksheet to HTML5.
Steps in Exporting a GeoGebra Worsheet to HTML5

1. Open the GeoGebra worksheet that you want to export to HTML5.   
2. Click the Filemenu, select Export, and then select Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html).

2. In the Dynamic Worksheet dialog box, select Export as Webpage button.
3. Type the Title of the web page and the texts needed above and below the construction.
4. Select the Advancedtab and be sure to check the Export to HTML only and Remove Line Breaks check boxes
5. Select File: html in the File section
6. Click the Exportbutton

The exported HTML file can be used as a web page or embedded to websites or blogs. The HTML5 page does not need Java in order to run. 

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