Tutorial 6 – Exporting Worksheet as HTML

It is possible to export a GeoGebra worksheet as an HTML web page. HTML webpages can be uploaded in websites as a stand alone page. 

To explort w Worksheet as a Dynamic HTML, do the following:

1.) Open the GeoGebra file that you want to export as HTML.
2.) Select the File menu, click Export, and then click Dynamic Worksheet as Web Page(html).  

3.) In the Dynamic Worksheet Export dialog box, select Export as Webpage tab. 

4.) In the Export as Webpage tab, type the title of your worksheet in the Title text box, and then click Export when done.  This will open the Save dialog box.

5.) In the Save dialog box, type the name of your file and then click the Save button.

Saving the file will automatically open the HTML on your browser. 

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