Tutorial 2 – Lines, Circles, and Angles

Objective: To constructt a rhombus and display the measure of its interior angles.Tools: Compass, Parallel Line, Angle

No Tool Instructions
1 segment.png Construct segment AB.
2 compass.png Select the Compass tool, click on the segment and then click on A. This will form a circle with center A and passing through B.
3 point.png Construct point C on the circle.
4 segment.png Construct segment BC. Move point C, what do you observe?
5 Right click on the circle and then click Show Object from the pop-up menu to hide it.
6 parallel.png To construct a line parallel to AB passing through C, select the Parallel line tool, click on segment AB, and then click on point C. Now, use the same tool to construct a line parallel to AC and passing through B.
7 intersect.png Now, intersect the two lines to form the fourth vertex of the rhombus. Hide the two lines and construct segments BD and CD.
8 segment.png Hide the two lines by right clicking them and clicking Show Object, and then construct segments BD and CD.

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